Charlar Acar

International Sales Executive NYC

New York Office: +1.646.368.8252

Mobile: +1.347.570.5316


Fluent In: English and Turkish

Dedicated, personable and a consummate professional, Charlar Acar has a genuine passion towards every aspect of real estate. Having lived in New York City for over 17 years, Charlar has kept his ties to his home country of Turkey, where he consistently works with many buyers and investors. “It’s about always keeping a constant pulse on a fast-paced New York market”. He has accumulated invaluable experience as an individual and professional, which serves as a great asset for his clients. Never deterred by the obstacles of any transaction, Charlar demonstrates dynamite skills, always exceeding the expectations of his clients and establishing a more meaningful relationship with all of them.

Charlar is a proud member of The Real Estate Board of New York and an Accredited Buyers’ Representative. Outside of real estate, Charlar enjoys playing soccer, where he is an active member in a city league. He also appreciates traveling, cinema & theatre, experiencing new cultures, foods and people from all walks of life.