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Property Financing

Most real estate acquisitions require financing. The process of procuring a mortgage loan in the United States can be cumbersome, confusing and lengthy.

Sieber International has a specific corporate division in charge of obtaining all of the necessary mortgage financings required by our clients’ real estate acquisitions in Miami and New York.

Our firm has established joint partnerships with major banks, lending corporations, private capital funds and mortgage brokers in order to provide our clients with a varied array of financing outlets and options.

We assist our clients in order to direct them to the best capital providers, based on their needs and very particular circumstances. With Sieber International, the procurement of mortgage financing is guaranteed, even for all foreign investors.

The process of obtaining a mortgage loan is not a simple one, but we help our clients every step of the way. We clarify which documentation is needed, help our clients gather it and then review it to ensure it is in the proper manner, substantially and materially, in order to expedite the approval process in the underwriting departments of most lenders.

More importantly, we serve a bridge between our clients and the capital providers. We supervise the approval process of every mortgage loan, solve issues that may arise as the process unfolds, and maintain a permanent contact with loan officers, underwriters, and credit committees in order to guarantee that every loan required by our clients gets approved with the most favorable conditions and in a timely manner.

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Sieber is one of Miami and New York’s most prominent boutique real estate firms.

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