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Ruedi Sieber is the founder and CEO of Sieber International, a real estate firm offering an array of brokerage services in Miami and New York. Under his leadership, Sieber International has become one of Miami and New York’s top boutique real estate firms, offering sound investments in both cities to clients around the world. Ruedi believes in the philosophy “WE EARN CLIENTS FOR LIFE”.

Ruedi holds an outstanding track record, a brand promise and display exceptional persistence in delivering the right products. He allows his work to speak for itself, with his undivided commitment to his clients and the Sieber International team. Ruedi is widely known in the real estate community as a broker’s broker, but a broker that will go to the highest extents for his clients. He has brought together a closely integrated team of knowledgeable, experienced and reputable agents who share his vision, persistence and dedication. Growing up in Switzerland, Ruedi was highly into competitive sports “COMPETITION IS HEALTHY, IT KEEPS YOU ON YOUR TOES”.

After receiving a degree from The University of St.Gallen in International Banking and Finance, Ruedi decided to move to the United States and apply his way of Swiss precision to Miami real estate. He continued his education at Florida International University in Business and Finance in Miami where he simultaneously started working in real estate. Ruedi worked for some of the top real estate firms in New York and Miami, such as The Trump Organization, Fortune and Prodigy Network. He was always distinguished as a leader and a top producer. His previous employers all share the same thoughts about him: “HE’S A HARD WORKER, FIRST TO COME IN THE OFFICE, AND LAST TO LEAVE”.

Soon Ruedi realized that he wasn’t just wanting to sell homes or properties, that there’s another aspect to real estate by allowing your investment to work for you. He was not just selling properties, he was presenting the clients with investment strategies through a multi-city approach.

Diversification has been the main priority in portfolio real estate investing. The young entrepreneur went on to open the doors of Sieber International, and provide another element of real estate to the world. Ruedi diligently continued opening offices in emerging markets around South America and Europe with an aggressive plan for future expansions. As a young child, he decided he would “NEVER BE MEDIOCRE”, a theory he still lives by today. “WHEN YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO, GOING TO WORK EVERYDAY IS INVIGORATING”.

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New York +1.646.368.8252

Sieber is one of Miami and New York’s most prominent boutique real estate firms.

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