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Property Rentals

As part of Sieber International’s services, we specialize in tenant placement for our clients’ properties. Finding a creditworthy tenant with an impeccable background is a demanding task. A good tenant is a key ingredient for outstanding real estate investment performance. We have all the necessary resources to market our clients’ properties and expose them to the right people. Because we understand the rental market, we are able to ensure our clients that the income we will secure for them will be steady and the highest possible. Our team works to keep vacancy periods to a bare minimum, maximizing profitability and investor returns.

Sieber International offers an integral rental service that keeps investors stress-free as they are relieved from performing the day-to-day cumbersome operations that make their real estate assets income-producing and more valuable with the passage of time. We provide this range of services to our clients in New York City and Miami.


Short-term rentals are highly profitable. However, this type of rental requires that the investment property be previously furnished. We work in alliance with a company that provides a cost-effective and highly efficient furnishing service for our clients. Short-term rentals are beneficial in two ways: they provide a higher income revenue and give our clients the option of using their property when they desire. In the real estate markets of New York and Miami short term rentals are especially profitable, due to the elevated and always growing demand that exists for these types of properties. Not all properties quality for short-term rentals, you must inquire with us for more details.


Long-term rentals are those that have a minimum term of one year. These rentals do not require the investment property to be furnished. This type of rentals gives our clients peace of mind because they know that their investment properties are producing income uninterruptedly for one year or more.

Before we rent any of our clients’ investment properties, we provide them with the following information:

All the relevant and current market conditions in New York and/or Miami in order to determine which type of rental (short or long-term)
would be best in terms of income and profitFinancial and cash-flow projections that reflect the expected income to be generatedThe prospective tenants data along with their respective credit-worthiness report, background checks, and letters of recommendation.

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Sieber is one of Miami and New York’s most prominent boutique real estate firms.

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